‘The Last Samurai’ Luck-Boosting (‘Kaiun’) 開運 Omamori Lucky Charm お守り


Japanese Omamori お守り Lucky Charm – ‘The Last Samurai’ Luck-Boosting (‘Kaiun’) 開運

Rather than to ward off evil spirits and luck, this omamroi charm is one to keep all year around to boost your luck and keep good luck and vibes surrounding you. These are a popular souvenir item and appeal to the public for their minimal exterior design, often showing only the name of the shrine or temple without much decoration.

  • High quality 8-colour woven brocade yarn
  • Japanese tassel knot with oversized cord for easy hanging
  • Intricately detailed double-sided design
  • Plastic protector for safekeeping
  • Size: 70mm x 50mm

Our premium woven cotton Omamori are made in Japan and can be hung anywhere, be that in a car (such as around your gear shifter, roll cage or rear-view mirror) or on your person (tied to a backpack, in your phone, purse, wallet, or even in your home). Whether you believe their efficacy may be due to a higher power’s blessing, or simply placebo effect, there’s no denying their popularity all over Japan and thus they make for an extremely interesting cultural trinket.

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