Custom Decal Stickers

Same quality, zero compromise. For your team, brand or club


All of our products and services are 100% done in house and made in the UK. 

  • Pricing is all dependent on a few things. We typically need to see the design upfront to assess how much it will be. Pricing can vary from project to project.
  • We work with our clients to give you the best experience possible, and give you suggestions if your artwork does need adjustments, and things you can do to improve quality print. It is more than just a sticker here. We want you to receive a quality product equal to our own available stickers from the shop.

  • All of our printed stickers are UV laminated and rated for 5-7 years outdoor. All of our standard diecut decals are rated for 5-7 years outdoor. Chrome/Sparkle finish stickers can have a lower life expectancy if exposed to heat and sun for extended periods of time.

  • Our standard turn around time is 7-10 regular working business days from date of invoice paid. (mon-friday) Due to high volume of orders, we cannot produce any projects quicker than this.




Illustrator (.ai or .eps) files are preferred (see below for more info)

We also can accept any type of high res image – .png .pdf .jpg .svg .tiff


Standard Diecut Decals we suggest full vector .ai or .eps format with all paths non rasterized. If you are using photoshop (.psd) we can use files that are non merged and un-rasterized as well. If you have a file that you are insure of making into a decal, Please email it over and we will assist you in the best way possible to get your file to work. Sending JPEG, PNG, Images for this style sticker is not recommended as quality loss will occur in cuts and not look as sharp, but are still usable.


We suggest full vector .ai or .eps format. CMYK color format is preferred. RGB files can cause slight color changes when printing. If you are using photoshop we recommend the very least 200dpi at the desired print size or larger. Files with lower dpi can cause some quality loss in printing where if you look closely the lettering etc will be a little fuzzy. Once looking over design we can better assist you !

NOTE: If your files do not have CUT LINES we will do our best to make your files look most appealing. Any artwork that does not have cut lines or bleeds can be cut into the artwork. If you are using Photoshop Or any other program other than Illustrator, add appropriate bleed lines. We recommend 0.05” minimum.


1. Design Technicality – More technical designs can cost a little more for diecut, as well for digi diecuts.

2. Size of Design 

3. Color/finish(s) – This is mainly for diecut, but certain print finishes do cost more. 

4. Quantity – Once we get your files and artwork we will send over price breaks for you from 50 – 1500+ or as many as you are after. 

5. We do not have a minimum on standard prints, but are subject to charge a £10.00 One Time setup fee on certain orders if we are packaging together designs to make a total quantity (to package, each sticker must be same shape and size)


Get in touch

We can provide stickers in all shapes, sizes and colours. Please get in contact for a customised quote. We will require most designs / logos to be provided in a vector format, especially if you requre any standard diecut stickers. If you provide a JPEG or PNG, we will quote for some design time for one of our designs to convert this ready for print and cut on our in-house machines.

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