BY car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts

Built from a shared passion for all things automotive, SaitoWorks (pronounced ‘sigh-toe’) started life as a lowly car club for like-minded enthusiasts. We had the idea of getting some stickers created for events, and made a few more than we needed in order to give some away. They quickly went, and we were blown away by the amount of requests we had for more.The SaitoWorks brand was born…We haven’t strayed too far from our roots. We believe it’s people that make JDM car culture so great, and thus people will always remain at the heart of what we do. We see the SaitoWorks brand as one big community, united by a shared interest of speed, style and substance.

Our influences

We are fascinated with Japan and it’s unique, intricate culture. A country steeped in tradition, yet one that possesses a vibrant, modern appeal. The quirkiness. Anime. Samurais. The ridiculously over-engineered performance cars from the 90’s/early 00’s that redefined everything a sports car should be.

The SaitoWorks name itself has multiple influences. ‘Saito’ is a common Japanese surname (and coincidentally also the last name of the legendary Japanese professional drifter, Daigo Saito). ‘Works’ means something that has been produced or accomplished through the effort of a person – something us car enthusiasts can all relate to. The katakana writing within our logo translates as ‘finesse’, the art of displaying impressive delicacy and skill.

Not only is this fitting for the drifting world, we feel as though it reflects everything we do.