Please read our FAQ’s before sending us a message.

General Questions

Q: What does SaitoWorks mean?

A: Above all else, we’re a brand for likeminded enthusiasts with a passion for all things automotive! The SaitoWorks name itself has multiple influences – ‘Saito’ is a common Japanese surname (and it’s also the last name of the legendary Japanese professional drifter, Daigo Saito). ‘Works’ means something that has been produced or accomplished through the effort of a person – something us car enthusiasts can all relate to. The katakana writing translates as ‘finesse’, the art of displaying impressive delicacy and skill. Not only is this fitting for the drifting world, we feel as though it reflects everything we do.

Q: Why shop at SaitoWorks?

A: Because our designs are awesome, why else? On a serious note, we have a shop full of genuinely unique JDM and automotive vinyl stickers, many of which you will not find anywhere else. Unlike some others, our designs are made to order and created using the highest quality 5-7 year life outdoor vinyl. We’re also petrol heads with a genuine passion for what we do, so if an issue arises with your order, you know we’ll go the extra mile.

Q: I’ve seen car stickers cheaper on eBay, what gives?

A: No doubt you have! eBay is filled with sellers listing the same generic designs, using the lowest quality (often indoor) vinyl, and utilising economies of scale to make as much money as possible. We do things differently. We offer genuinely unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else, made to order with care using the highest quality polymeric 5-7 year life outdoor vinyl, all wrapped up in a hassle-free, customer focussed experience.

Q: Are your Japanese translations correct?

A: We have a few contacts out in Japan who very kindly help us out with translations from time-to-time, and have built up a list of words and phrases confirmed to be correct – we tend to stick to these in most of our designs in an attempt to avoid questionably translated text. Occasionally we will ‘go it alone’ for simple words and phrases where the risk of getting it wrong is low – plus we can’t bug our Japanese friends every time we have a new design. If however you do spot a translation on the website that isn’t quite right, please drop us a line – we’d really appreciate it.

Payment Questions

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: We accept Paypal and most major Credit/Debit Cards. We’re unable to accept other forms of payment at this time, but who knows – maybe we’ll be accepting Cryptocurrency soon.

Q: How secure is your site? Is my data protected?

A: SaitoWorks takes your safety seriously. Our site is 100% secured by a V3 SSL Certificate encrypted with the latest security, so your personal information is safe. A lock icon will be shown at the top of the website next to the URL to indicate the connection is secure. We also don’t store any of your credit/debit card information, this is handled by our payment gateway SagePay, who are one of the best in the business.

Order/Shipping Questions

Q: How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

A: Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours of the order being received. Orders that require special processing such as custom designs (excluding custom socials, letterings etc) will take around 2-4 working days. If there are any unforeseen delays with your order, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Please note that orders are not processed over the weekend, any weekend orders will be processed on Monday morning.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: UK – All UK orders are sent via Royal Mail First Class, which has a delivery estimate of 1-2 business days.

European Union – For orders within the European Union, delivery is estimated at 3-5 working days.

Rest of the World – For orders outside of the European Union, we estimate 7-15 working days for delivery, depending on your location and customs.

Please note – these are not tracked postal services and thus we cannot provide you with a tracking number. We kindly ask that you wait a couple of days past the estimated delivery date before contacting us regarding a late order, as in most cases the problem lies with the courier and the order will actually arrive. If you require your order quicker than the delivery estimate, please get in touch prior to ordering as we can offer alternate shipping options.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide!* Please note, we are not responsible for any customs fees incurred (if applicable).

*Certain exclusions may apply

Q: How do I keep track of my order(s)?

A: To keep track of your order status online, you need to make sure to register an account with us during your checkout. Please then log into your account on our website and you will be able to check the status, and other relevant information related to your order(s). You will also receive email updates regarding the status of your order.

Q: Help! There is a problem with my order!

A: Take a deep breath and relax. Pop us an email telling us what the issue is, and we’ll do our upmost to help you out.

Product Questions

Q: What are your stickers made of?

A: We only use premium quality polymeric vinyl for all of our graphics, applied correctly this has an outdoor life span of 5-7 years.

Q: Is it hard to apply the vinyl correctly?

A: Nope, anyone can do it! Instructions are available here.

Q: Are you able to make custom stickers or offer bespoke branding?

A: Yes, we are able to make custom stickers – please see our custom stickers page. If you have an idea and you would like us to work on a design, please get in touch with us.

If the above Questions & Answers don’t answer your query, then please use the Contact Us page or e-mail us at