Collected 8 Supermist code cards? Excellent, enter your codes below to claim your FREE super secret Supermist scent. It’s waiting for you!

Terms & Conditions

  • This submission form is to receive a non-purchasable Supermist sprayable air freshener using code cards collected from our Supermist product range.
  • To claim your free Supermist product, you must provide 8 different collector code cards from individual products.
  • No two codes can be the same.
  • All entries will be cross checked for validation. You must purchase 8 products individually, if you have borrowed or used a code from someone else, this will not be validated.
  • All UK customers will receive their secret Supermist FREE of charge including postage.
  • All International customers will be subject to a shipping fee, although this item will be sent as a ‘gift’, we are not responsible for any further charges including taxes and customs charges. This is out of our control. We will contact you in response to your submission for a shipping payment made payable via PayPal or alternatively, if you purchase more items via our store, we will include this free item with your order.
  • We reserve the right to refuse submissions if we have any doubt to their authenticity.
  • If you have any questions please reach out to us via out contact form here.