Where to install Omamori?

There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to installing your new Omamori charm. In Japan it’s well documented that Omamori charms not only carry different types of blessings, but also carry the presence of the deity who created the blessing and protection. It’s cultural tradition to think of the Omamori as a person, or protector. Though there are no specific rituals or specific care routines, just respect and treat it well, like it was an old friend!

If and when you can at all times, keep your Omamori charm close to you. In Japan the most common uses of Omamori are in their wallets, or tie them up to a mobile phone of carry bag, but other places are common place, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Traffic safety Omamori are most commonly used in cars but can also be applied to your bicycle or baby stroller.

See below for some common examples!

Omamori install guide

Let us give you some guidance, ideas and examples on where to tie up or install your new Omamori lucky charm!

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