SaitoWorks Finesse ‘OldSkool’ XL 55cm Rear Window Decal


SaitoWorks needs no introduction, and neither will your ride once our XL SaitoWorks Finesse ‘OldSkool’ decal adorns it.

Place in a rear window for a striking JDM look that just screams ‘look at me’.

Dimensions: 55cm (W) x 29.3cm (H)

This is an XL decal and may not be suitable for smaller rear windows, please ensure it will fit your particular vehicle prior to ordering.


  • Unique design precision die-cut onto premium 5-7 year outdoor polymeric automotive vinyl.
  • Choose your colour – Matte, Gloss, Metallic, Chrome, Glitter or Colour Flip! See our full range here.
  • Custom sizes available, including reverse cut – if you need a bespoke size, please get in touch.
  • The graphic has no background, so the cut out sections will be the colour of the surface the decal is applied to.
  • Please follow our decal install guide or if in doubt seek professional installation.
  • Note that Chrome vinyls are not suitable for wet installation, dry install only.
  • Free UK delivery when you spend £50 or more, worldwide shipping available.